Friday, April 30, 2010

Special Anniversary FWF!!!

I know you've all been wowed by the new Unity and Cosmo Cricket releases this week.  Unity certainly has been busy for its first two years.  It gives some of us a chance to reflect on our first stamping and Unity experiences too!

I have been stamping for less than a year - I discovered Unity on Memorial Day weekend last year when I found a blog hop for cards for soldiers.  I looked at every technique video on Youtube, found out about heat embossing, and then started looking for stamps!  I looked at several companies but when I found Unity, I was hooked.  Something about their artistry seemed to speak to me.  I would say that at least 90% of my stamps are from Unity.  When Ippity was introduced, I didn't hesitate to enroll - I'm not the greatest stamper or salesperson, and don't have a lot of free time to sell stamps, but I can stand behind their wonderful products because I know the quality is there, the prices are reasonable, and they are made in the USA.  The bonus is that the people that own it and run it are so darned nice!  I love the blog hops and check the Unity blog every day to see if Angela is going to post any of her wisdom.  How can you resist an entrepeneur who wears her heart on her sleeve?

At any rate, it is amazing how far I've come in less than one year and even more amazing at how much Unity has grown in two!!  Here's to many more successful years for my favorite stamp company!

This is one of my first cards - Bevy of Butterflies is still one of my favorite sets.  You can see how primitive it looks - it's kind of embarrassing, actually...

Here, you can see how far I'd come by December that I even dared to make a box!  Notice Ippity and Unity stamps on this project.

Last, here is part of my most recent project - a chipboard scrapbook cover with a nestability cut out to house an embroidered piece, with an embossed word, and a paper-pieced, stamped Unity balloon.

So, the journey with Unity has been fabulous so far and everything will be perfect once I get all the new sets they just released..hehe.

And, wait till you see all the new Ippity sets - I'll be running a great special so check back on May 13 when the release occurs!!

Happy Birthday Unity!!!!



  1. Wonderful creations!! Way to go!!

  2. beautiful! I think all us chicks will be offering specials... not sure why though.. those stamps are so gonna sell themselves! hugs xo

  3. Wow Jennifer! Beautiful creations! I love your style! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Beautiful Creations!!

  5. Great tribute to Unity. I kept my 1st card also. I hope I have the improvement that you had. Jennifer R

  6. Wow!! How fun to look over the past year.

  7. That quilt embellisment is awesome, and these are fantastic Jennifer! Your bevy card is so's not embarrassing silly girl!